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Akademi Bilgi Yönetim Sistemleri (Academy Information Management Systems) is a consulting and software programming firm which offers full time and high quality service since 2003. Academy Team is composed of  an expert staff all of  which are specialists at their own branches.

Our Services

1- Technology Consultation

2- Special Software Development

3- Software Integration

4- ERP Application and Support

5- Research and Development Consultation 

6- Application, Maintenance and Support


Company Values and Strategy

1- Aim  of being a focus at integration, software development and consultation

2- Having a thought of long lasting relationships with our customers

3- A company and a stuff that generates value and supplies contribution


We believe that our staff is the most valuable resource that we have.
We gathered a stuff not only composed of skilled members, but also the one that  does his work well in co-operation with team-work mentality.
We think that the sucess of our customer is the most important factor that measures our performance. We are customer-focused at idea development and implementation.
We learn the plus value that we will add, from our customer by  the way of knowledge technology application and we implement  for them.