Transformer Calculation Software
Provides Engineering calculations of Medium Voltage Current Transformer, Medium Voltage Voltage Transformer, Low Voltage Current Transformer and Toroids which are going to be manufactured, to be done in a fast way, provides creation of calculation data sheets and product trees automatically and also archives these calculations digitaly.
Is suitable to make calculations to a present or to the desired mould according to the customers needs by trying the engineer’s foresight freely, up to 5 secondary, as single primary or as primary adjusted.
Calculates product trees in a right and fast way by introducing the stock codes already used for product trees, to the system.
Makes cost analysing  in a fast way by using  costs of stock codes with the creation of product trees.
• Medium Volatge Current  Transformer Calculation Module (Up To 5 Secondary)
• Medium Voltage Voltage Transformer Calculation Module (Up To 3 Secondary)
• Low Voltage Current Transformer Calculation Module (Up To 5 Secondary)
• Low Voltage Dry / Oily Type Toroids Calculation Module (Single Secondary)