Transformer Offer Local

Transformer Offer Software

Ability of cost analysing in a perfect way  and the bidding speed of the manufacturer company  are the most determinative factors of  the competition.
The average bidding speed at transformer manufacturing sector is about 3-4 days. With our programme TRANSFORMER OFFER, this period reduces to a few  minutes. With a study about 2 or 3 days, the programme,  can be adapted according to need of the company.
After entering the requested specifications of the transformer:
• The feasibility of the transformer
• Calculation of the transformer
• Production data sheet
• Customer data sheet
• Saturation curve
• Product tree
• Cost of the transformer
• Price of the transformer having regard to the criterias of the manufacturer
Will be created within a few seconds. And if requested, any of these datas mentined above, can be e-mailed or delivered visually via the web.
The programme which automatically calculates at which transformer types the requested specifications can be produced, can also calculate at which specifications  the desired transformer type can be produced, if wanted.
This  software which is created  with current  software programming techniques, by using the experience of calculation and production knowledge of about 15 years, is tested during a year and  successfully passed. And now it is provided to service as a full package.